Winter Tank Additive

Our winter tank additive is specifically designed to combat winter problems associated with outdoor storage tanks.

Due to normal condensation in your tank – water may accumulate at the bottom of your tank. This water will eventually cause corrosion of your tank and will contribute to the degradation of fuel.  Below 32 degrees the water in your tank, in your fuel lines and in your filters may freeze, and will stop fuel flow.

Our advanced additive contains a de-icer to keep water from freezing, and also contains a corrosion inhibitor to provide complete protection for your tank.

  • Prevents Gelling
  • Disperses Water
  • Prevents Icing
  • Keeps Oil Flowing even in subzero temperatures
  • Reduces Smoke and Soot
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Cleans Nozzle
  • Burns Cleaner

For preventive freeze protection, we add 16 ounces of Winter Mix Additive with each fill (up to 275 gallons).

For severe cold treatment 16 ounces treats 125 gallons.

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